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Bayside Hills Civic Association Policy

February 15, 2023

The Bayside Hills Civic Association supports the mission of the the S.A.V.E. 1-Family New

York – Alliance against the elimination of one family zone districts.

The Bayside Hills Civic Association opposes Governor Hochul’s proposed Housing Compact,

specifically the removal of Home Rule in violation of the NYS Constitution, the blanket amnesty

for illegal conversions in NYC, the NYS Housing Board’s power to approve multi-family

housing regardless of location, and the establishment of mandatory housing unit targets on an on-

going 3-year cycle.

Should these proposals become law, the resulting development free-for-all will cannibalize all

our communities, lowering our quality of life and affecting property values. Finally, none of the

Governor’s proposals will create any increase in affordable housing; instead, it will increase

unaffordability in our housing stock.

Approved: Mike Feiner, President

February 15, 2023


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