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Bayside Hills Civic Assn Meeting June 26th,8:00pm

Special Guest State Senator Tony Avella Discussing Following:

Airbnb regulations and how it may affect Bayside Hills

58-26 213th Street Airbnb Issues and Complaints

Updating Revitalization of Dermody Park Triangle

*Bayside Colonial Church Auditorium, (located near Bell

Boulevard where Luke Place and 216th Street converge)

Announcing our next Bayside Hills Civic Association General Meeting. This meeting will be quite significant with special guests State Senator Tony Avella, and (as usual) representatives from our 111th Precinct on hand. We will be discussing items such as:

*Airbnb regulations and how it is may affect Bayside Hills. (Senator Avella)

* Concerns and complaints vis-à-vis one particular location on 213th Street in Bayside Hills over a residence that has been converted to an Airbnb rental. (Senator Avella)

* The latest update concerning the revitalization of Dermody Park Triangle. (Senator Avella)

* News of the $500,000 allocation to repair our Bell Blvd Mall and when hopefully work is going to begin. (Barry Grodenchik‘s office)

* Presentation: BHCA Rick Scutch Scholarship Award to William Liao.

*Of course, please remember our 50/50 raffle and food drive.

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