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Bayside Hills Civic Assn Meeting April 24th, 8:00pm

Bayside Hills Civic Assn Meeting April 24th, 8:00pm

111th Precinct officers with crime report and

discussion of new neighborhood policing model

*Bayside Colonial Church Auditorium, (located near Bell

Boulevard where Luke Place and 216th Street converge)

Announcing our next BHCA general meeting. We’ve asked our 111th police Community Affairs Officer John Erdman to invite our new Commanding Officer Captain John Hall, who will be more than likely discussing the precinct’s adoption of a neighborhood policing model. The NYPD’s Neighborhood Model of Policing is a citywide initiative that reorganizes the department’s patrol methods to assign certain officers within specific geographic areas. Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO), as the department calls them, will be assigned to specific neighborhood sectors and act as liaisons between the community and the police. The NYPD plans to establish Neighborhood Policing models in every precinct by 2019.

In addition to Captain Hall, we are inviting members of our community who would be interested in taking part in our organization and perhaps suggest future BHCA activities. Already Board members of the Colonial Church requested to attend this meeting and we are asking others in our Bayside Hills area to join them to engage in dialogue of how we can become more viable than ever. Our eventual goal is to be able to better reach out to the folks in our neighborhood in greater numbers, improve communication with everybody, and have more of our Bayside Hills residents become a part of the BHCA.

*Of course, please remember our 50/50 raffle and food drive.

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